Hi, welcome to my blog where I speak from my point of view on everything from Living and working in Marin to Marketing my business of Essential Oils and Running missjeanswimming. I have businesses that all needed one Website. So Marin Marketing was born. I will blog about how to use essential oils safety around yourself and others. I will talk about my journey thru menopause, which I like to call, “Meto stop”. How Reiki has changed my life. I look forward to writing about parenting, my own children and the tips that got me thru. I will talk about be coming to a grandmother before it happens. I have many interests and love to share. Enjoy the journey I’m taking and come along for the ride when you are ready. My passion is teaching an infant to swim team ready. I think kids are the funniest people around and I get to talk to them before they can go to a screen. Water and electronics don’t mix so I get to have their somewhat undivided attention. I use that time to my full advantage when they leave my class, my voice is in their head. Stay in touch,

Miss Jean