Created my first Animoto video

Hi, My name is Jean, and I created my first video in about 4 hours. I used the free Animoto website and uploaded my own video’s. This video was for my swimming school missjeanswimming. It’s a marketing video showcasing one of my youngest students having a lesson.

I followed the basic temple for education , which was 6 video’s and pictures, I kept my video’s to under 20 seconds if I could to keep pace. I started writing about what the students where working on. Then after watching it back, I realized there needed to be more information about contacting me and where I taught. Let me know what you think in the comments below and please subscribe.

Miss Jean

EOS or Amazon?

To order from EOS or Amazon that is the question? When it comes to essential oils I shop from both sites and each has its perks. EOS stands for EASY OILS SOLUTIONS, they have lots of sharing and workshop package that Amazon doesn’t. They work with locals to create holders and boxes for doterra advocates. I get all my business cards, flyers and labels from them as well. Amazon is great for rollerball, glass jars and diffusers, carrier oils, baking soda, and citric acid. The books cost the same whoever you go with.


Eos has fun labels for workshops with kids, pregnancy and emoji’s . Watch this video to learn more.

The designer and builder of Sound Sculpture discovered!

I was interested to learn this morning that my friend Kevin Naus is the designer and creator/builder of “clinamen” Sound Sculpture at SF- MOMA.

Kevin and I have been friends for 3 years. His daughter, Georgette is my Partners granddaughter. My Partner Darin is a very involved grandparent and so we spend lots of family time together. He is one of those people that knows a lot of interesting things. We have had a saltwater aquarium added to our living room for a few years now, what a learning experiment for me because I’m a “not a pet” person, a single mother, four kids no need for a pet kind of person. But I love a chance to learn, So I have watched a learned about all kind of fish, two ant farms, various bugs, he is a science guy. He is a great dad taking all of the family on trips to see rocket launches and eclipses. Things I would never have on my radar to do. I would “go camping” when the lights got shut off. Roughing it to me is no cable, no indoor plumbing, no grocery store and, of course, no phone. I went camping with my dad my whole life, skiing, and Yosemite every summer where my normal.

Kevin started his own business a few months before Darin’s wife Deb, passed suddenly in Jan 2015, Georgette’s primary caregiver and devoted Grandmother. He plowed forward creating the business that will play to his strengths. I think his strengths are science and math based, very different from my strengths. I’m a Blogger in training, who trains instructors and lifeguards from birth to Swim team ready. Kevin and I share the love for swimming pool and proper chemicals in those swimming pools. Swimmertime Pools was born. He enjoys building and creating new pools are his passion. He said for this pool the artist would come in from France and make a new request. There is a heater installed along with motors of different speeds. I believe there where different builders but Kevin’s was the final pick. He said over a million people saw the exhibit an SF-MOMA. I know cool people that’s all I have to say. Thank you for all your hard work.

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 10.18.10 am

This is my first anniversity with a free WordPress page.

Opened my email to “Congrats on your First Anniversity “with WordPress, this is a exciting thing for me to hear. Last year at this time I had 3 different pages, A Rory Rickord website, a, I had no experience on building a website, my mom starting a blog of her own inspired me. So I joined Rory Richord with her, but from the beginning I didn’t like the theme or the limited tools. I lost interest in doing his website thing, which basically was a website that he set up with pages that are going to make you money. I never did, but I didn’t try that hard, once I found out that I had to sign up for a wine club, travel club , diet coffee products, cryptocurrency and so on. I found that my mom became a instructor for clients that struggled like I did. She did everything Rory asked her to do, signed up for all kinds of things, but only was paid in cryptocurrency, which might work out in the future, we will see. One of the other perks was as a teacher when they signed up for all the clubs they went under her so she has made money in the last couple of months in the wine, but she said she had to kill herself to get that check. My mom was a RSP which is a gifted students teacher retired out of LA County school district turning 75 this month, looking to write her book and make some residual income. Now she is a slave to teaching others not a free wordpress page. My second page was a paid domain with hosting $200+ a year, barely worked on . Now that I’m at my first year I’m thankful to Rory for inspiring my mom and me even if I didn’t make money. I’m thankful to tutorials on youtube about setting up free wrodpress pages. I don’t do things for money, I believe that money is always coming, I do what I enjoy and share that with others. I’m proud that over the last year I wrote what I wanted about things I’m passionate about and have 19 followers. Have a great day .

Miss Jean

Potnetwork holding and Mentor Capital

PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: POTN) is a publicly traded company that acts as a holding company for its subsidiaries, First Capital Venture Co., the owner of Diamond CBD, Inc. I currently hold this stock in my personal account and My IRA. It’s penny stock and sold for.0005 cents a share. Today it’s .12cents a share. It hit .95 cents a share early this year. I use these products and think they are the wave of future, by bringing back the past. as cannabis becomes more legal it will replace the need for drinking alcohol and overuse of prescription drugs for pain, in my opinion. As a mother of four trading into the stock market is too expensive. But penny stokes are right up my alley. And when they go up its 300% or more. The dow, stocks don’t do that they move at 1% here and there.

I tend to follow Mentor Capital. CEO Chet Billingsley, As CEO, he directs Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR) which is raising funds from its 10,000+ shareholders against MNTR’s $10 Million public authorization to fund Medical Marijuana & Cannabis private companies and Cannabis Index public companies.

His personal goal is to emphasize delivery of the cannabis medical benefit and to increase business integrity and professionalism in a sector historically characterized by illegality and violence.

We shifted in a few steps to this space because compelling science supported the medical marijuana benefits to fight cancer wasting and calm seizures. My research showed overall intoxication rates do not change and the shift to Cannabis social use was 1/2 as addictive as alcohol and much less harmful, This “substitution effect” further caused a shift from illegal crack and illegal meth to legal Cannabis, if available, and reduced “gateway drug introductions” by criminal elements. In total, with marijuana prohibition lifting, each year perhaps 16,000 overall drug-related deaths could be avoided – almost as many as are saved by seatbelts.

this video is 6 years old that has Chet showing us his formula for picking companies to invest in.

I have included another video with On MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, Don discusses POTN with Corporate Advisor Bruce Barren.