Pressure Point Reiki has given me the gift of Self-love.

Learning Reiki was one of the best decisions that I made in my life. It took me thirty years to recognize. How I spent my life sharing love with everyone but myself. Always wanting others to acknowledge my achievements and to tell me they love me. PPR-Pressure Point Reiki has shown me the power of love inside of me.

It was a beautiful sunny day in May. My wife Deborah and I were headed to take our first 1st level Reiki class. I had been enveloped with the healing arts for over ten years. Learning different massaging techniques. Such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology. Also, Learning Polarity which is all about the transfer of energy. For Deborah, this was here first class in twenty years.

That day was magic for me. I went there thinking I was going to learn how to heal others and found that I was there to heal myself first. Laverne was Our Reiki Master Teacher. She told us that the majority of her 1st Level Reiki class was all about self-healing. She would wait a year to teach the level 2 Reiki class. She also recommended to all her students to spend the first year learning about Reiki by doing Self-Healing sessions on ourselves every day.

The next year was a miracle. I would start my day listening to a song called Water that is on my, “Fear Away” album. Putting my hands on my heart. Using two fingers I would press down on my chest, Directly over my heart. Holding the pressure for twenty seconds then releasing. Chanting the Reiki symbol Cho-Ku-Rei. In the beginning, it took me ten minutes to feel anything. But once I did magic happened. I could feel the love flowing inside my body. Opening my heart. Becoming easier and easier every day. Taking less time to re-create that peaceful healing feeling of love.

I have been teaching and expanding my knowledge of PPR – Pressure Point Reiki for over twenty years. Creating a love for myself “In the morning before my feet hit the floor I put my hands on my heart and I end myself some love”. I am a Reiki Master.

What you need for successful swim lesson.

I would say the first thing you need is a master swim instructor , like myself. At least 1,000 hours of teaching swimming to start. All master instructors have over 10,000 hours of teaching, hundreds of students of all ages and abilities. I think that parent/instructor bring something special in experience with different personalities. I know for myself a mother of 4 kids in 5 years 2 with special needs, I feel completely prepared for my new swimmers. I will encourage kids to feel their emotions, even if it’s crying or fear. I’m strict but funny, I don’t ask rhetorical question’s.The goal is for everyone to succeed, I use positive language and visualization. I reward good behavior, with treats or little toys when they are earned. My favorite treat are P.B. Assist jr. It a kids probiotic, from doterra essential oils, kids tend to drink water so it’s a win-win for their stomach and getting the whole lesson done. I’m a advocate for holistic wellness with doterra and can answer any questions you may have about their products for kids.

The second thing the helps with success of the lessons is the tools I use.

Treasure and Marsh mellow sticks

Marshmellow sticks are a great balance to a new swimmer, different from a kick board which has little floatation to a new swimmer. Kickboards benefit a stronger cord swimmer to work on their streamline. Using fins for all ages is a must. Fins build muscle and provide a stream line position for all ability of swimmer. Hint don’t let your kids wear them outside the pool it will break them and causes kids to fall. I encourage sunsuit or lite wetsuits for swimmer that will be in the water/sun regularly. They also provide more support for streamline flotation, keep the kids warm, protected from the sun. Googles and swim caps are the most important things everyone needs to get the most out of a swimming lesson. It doesn’t matter whether it has a nose piece, like a snorkle mask.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Miss Jean

Nutrition 2021

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How I Creating a Positive Mindset Swim Lesson.(PMS)lol

     When teaching new students I alway’s lead with positive language. The moments of youth I remember clearly was competition with my Dad. He called me Jean The great, over and over. It was his way to inspire me to race to the car, the chairlift ,or the end of the pool. The goal was to win/impress Dad and show off. It also helped me really feel proud of myself. Seeking a parents approval, is most kids goal. I use lots of toys and equiptment for success. When you have a high achiever child, it can be challenging, as it should be no one walk’n over your kid! But when they don’t want to do something you know it. Tiring doesn’t even describe it. Does your sweet angel look like these brothers?

     Dad’s smiled when I was the strongest, fastest, bravest even rebellious. He never let me win, I had to earn it. One of my best tips is if your kid doesn’t sit still, I can work with that.I only ask questions that I know I’m going to get “yes” as the answer. I’m working with the caveman brain, save yourself , skillsets. I do a lot of racing with younger kids. It makes the lesson more fun and structured at the same time. They’re in competition with me… their teacher, someone 2 x 3 times their height, weight, and experiences in racing. I’m always talking about swim team in their future. Using a positive mindset of talking about all the fun they will have in water, before they even put their faces in, works wonders.They rise to the top, on their willpower to improve and be stronger than everyone else. When they focus on training and winning, there is no stopping them. This is my goal in class to coach and guide each child to be their best.

    My lessons sometimes sound like therapy, and I do have swim therapy for some students who have extra fear or blocks that need a warm up point before the lesson starts. Some kids need more time.  This is not all kids, this is probably 50% with DNA<parenting. But 20% no matter their situation, they are braver, stronger, more rebellious, or shy, scared and fearful. Basically everyone is different, and we have control of very little. I help kids be aware of the things they do have control of, making a plan before they start running for the pool.

     As a master swim instructor ,I’m a tough cookie, no rhetorical questions, “crying is healthy”, and practice is super fun.  When a kid is losing his or her mind, I’ll change the subject’What are you having for lunch or dinner?, is one of my favorites. I really do talk to everyone as If I’m their mother, sister, grandmother. But either way, I’m saying the same thing, which is I only reinforce good behavior, and you can get out  when the 3 skill sets are finished. As a reward you can stay and play, if it’s ok with your parents. Keeping toddlers on point is a skill I have in spades.  After teaching swimming for 30+ years, I have heard it all.  These funny conversations , provide me with great joy.  Kids say what on their minds at this age. Here are a couple of my favorite student video’s. They’re working on various skills and all beginner lessons.

     Creating a positive environment and mindset are key to success, in swimming lessons and in life. I consider myself the first life coach of your kids. Teaching important skill’s that will be used outside the pool setting.I’m blessed to see the same students week after week, year after year. With relationships of trust at a very young age. Most kids haven’t been told what to do by someone besides their parents. Kids think that their parents are going to save them, if they cry run away are throw a tantrum. This is a rude awaking when they hear the words “Miss Jean is in charge.” The first lesson is the hardest for everyone. This is when  habits to “get out of something,” doesn’t work. Keeping it positive and reminding them they can pick which skill they want to do first. They can ask for” a moment” or “wiggle time’. I give lots of breaks, but we always complete the skillsets.

     I tell all my parents that their kids will be working as instructor and lifeguards for me some day.  Teasing that they will get all their money back spent in lessons when their kids turn 16. You can become a lifeguard /swim instructor at 16. It gives them a chance to dream big.  To think about their future, to visualize. All my children where lifeguards or swim instructor’s in their teens. I love pointing to the lifeguard chair and say”that’s my son lifeguarding over there. Lifeguards are hero’s  like policemen ,or firemen someone you look up to and have to listen to. In fact most hero type jobs, start with teenagers who work for park and recreation jobs. I have some many parents tell me they where swim instructors, camp counselors and lifeguards themselves. I’m so blessed to do my life’s work right now, so proud of everyone out there trying to be themselves to the best of their ability at that moment.

Miss Jean

CEO of Missjeanswimming, in Marin, and Bay Area. Operates at Northbridge Recreation Center, San Rafael, Ca.

27 Essential oils for $25 or Less

When you’re starting out with essential oils, the potential impact they could have on your overall health and wellness is exciting. Beyond the Introductory Trio, however, the options can sometimes seem endless and overwhelming. Another complicating factor is that everyone’s body is unique, and it is important to try out various oils to find what is most effective for you.

To save you from the headache of trying to figure out where to start, we have created a list of 27 oils that will allow you to experiment with a wide variety of benefits in a way that is easy on your budget. In fact, both Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates can enjoy any of these oils for $25 or less.

Essential Oil Singles

  1. Basil: $24
    After an active day, massage Basil into your skin to relax any feelings of tension. Similarly, you can ease some of the effects of menstrual cycles by taking one drop of Basil in a Veggie Capsule.*

    According to research, Basil can help to reduce the appearance of blemishes. This works because oils are oil-soluble, and effective at dissolving through the surface of your skin and entering your pores.

  2. Cassia: $19
    When it comes to taking an oil internally, Cassia has many benefits for multiple systems. For example, take one to two drops in a Veggie Capsule, to assist in circulatory and cardiovascular health.* By taking the oil internally, you will also be giving a helping hand to both your immune and digestive systems.* Uniquely, it also helps maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range, supports a healthy metabolism, and contributes vital antioxidant properities.*

    Some notes on usage: While Cassia can be used topically, it must always be diluted with a carrier oil as it is classified as a hot oil. To take Cassia internally, always use a Veggie Capsule. Do not add it to drinking water.

  3. Cedarwood: $13.00
    The scent of Cedarwood oil naturally repels insects, especially moths; put a drop on a cotton ball and leave in your closet or drawers or in storage sheds to help keep them away. Cedarwood oil also improves the appearance of skin imperfections, and has the power to soothe the mind and body. Add it to homemade cleaners for its cleansing properties.
  4. Clove: $16.00
    Another internal powerhouse, Clove combats free radicals with its antioxidant properties and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.* Clove may also help support the lungs and respiratory tract, the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, the joints, the liver, the nervous system, and metabolism.*

    The same rules for Cassia apply to Clove, another hot oil. Always dilute to use topically, and take internally using Veggie Capsules.

  5. Cypress: $15.50
    Many of Cypress’s benefits come from its energizing aroma. Not only is it perfect for when you’re feeling sluggish and need a boost before working out, it is also helpful to promote vitality and energy before going outside to garden. When used on your skin, it provides calming and cleansing effects, improves the appearance of oily skin, and helps to reduce blemishes.
  6. Douglas Fir: $19.50
    A piney favorite, Douglas Fir can be easily diffused to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. As it diffuses throughout the room, you will also find that it promotes a sense of focus if you’re trying to get something done. Finally, add this unique tree oil to your lotion for a cleansing and purifying boost.
  7. Eucalyptus: $17
    Also a tree oil, Eucalyptus is cleansing for surfaces and the air you breathe. Put a few drops at the bottom of your shower to experience the mind clearing benefits, and to invigorate the senses. It also offers soothing comfort to the lower abdomen during menstruation—simply massage into the abdomen daily.
  8. Fennel, Sweet: $15
    Fennel may support healthy blood flow and a healthy cardiovascular system.* If you’re ever trying to stay away from sugar, but can’t seem to find the willpower to stick to your goal, try drinking a drop of Fennel in water to battle your sweet-tooth cravings.* While you’re doing this, you will also reap the benefits Fennel may possess to promote overall cellular health.*
  9. Grapefruit: $18
    A major component of a favorite doTERRA blend, Slim & Sassy®, Grapefruit is an excellent choice to diffuse when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change for the better, whether it be exercise or eating a healthier diet. Add one or two drops to water and support your metabolism in a healthy way.*
  10. Juniper Berry: $19
    One of the more commonly known benefits of Juniper Berry is its use in supporting a healthy urinary tract as well as kidneys.* It is also internally cleansing—we recommend adding it to citrus drinks as part of a natural cleansing routine.* Used topically, it is an excellent skin toner that will reduce the appearance of blemishes and give you a clear, healthy complexion.
  11. Lemon: $11
    Harvested in Sicily, Lemon is a doTERRA must-have oil that comes in the doTERRA Introductory Kit. It is helpful to ingest when you’re experiencing seasonal respiratory discomfort, and also to support healthy respiratory function.* Add it to olive oil for a chemical-free furniture polish to clean and shine wood finishes. Use Lemon in an oral rinse to soothe your mouth and throat.
  12. Lemongrass: $10
    Aside from being useful for flavoring food, another major benefit of Lemongrass is its soothing support after a hard workout. Combine with Fractionated Coconut oil and massage into the skin wherever your body needs it most. If you love being outdoors, rub or spritz on the skin before heading outside to naturally repel insects.
  13. Lime: $13
    This essential oil may support the health of the brain and nervous system, while also having calming properties.* It may support healthy lung and respiratory function.* In addition to supporting gastrointestinal function and a healthy colon, Lime can also help relieve occasional heartburn and indigestion.* Lime may also help to support cardiovascular health.*
  14. Marjoram: $19
    The more gentle relative of Oregano, Marjoram is useful for creating a relaxing environment when your fussy child needs a nap, but just won’t settle. To help, apply Marjoram to their feet. For yourself, when your muscles are tired or stressed, add Marjoram to a massage blend.
  15. Melaleuca: $21
    For occasional skin irritations, apply onto affected areas, diluting as necessary. Because of Tea Tree’s purifying properties, you can apply it to the bottom of your feet or the inside of your shoes for a refresher. It has some specific internal uses as well—taken in a Veggie Capsule, Melaleuca supports healthy joint function and can soothe soreness after exercise.* It also supports healthy lung and respiratory function.*
  16. Rosemary: $16
    A well-known herb, Rosemary oil can be taken internally to support healthy internal organ function.* Specifically, it supports both healthy respiratory and digestive function.* Helps reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.* Apply to scalp and massage for an abundant-looking head of hair.
  17. Siberian Fir: $20
    Put a few drops in the palms of your hands, cup your hands over your nose, and inhale deeply for a relaxing aroma. Internally, you can add it to tea to calm your senses and support a relaxed mood. Alternatively, you can add a drop or two to your moisturizer and apply to the back of the neck or bottom of the feet to help balance emotions and soothe anxious feelings. Apply to muscles and joints or use with Fractionated Coconut Oil for a massage.
  18. Tangerine: $15
    Citrus oils are typically mood-boosters, and the soothing and relaxing aroma of Tangerine is no different. To boost energy and uplift mood, place one to two drops in the palm of your hand, rub together, and cup over the nose and mouth for 30 seconds or diffuse throughout the room.

    You can also apply Tangerine to flex points or abdomen to promote feelings of happiness.

  19. Wild Orange: $10.00
    Add a drop of Wild Orange to your water for a burst of flavor, to provide antioxidants that combat free radical damage, and to promote overall health.* When the temperature drops outside, take one to two drops of Wild Orange in a capsule to support a healthy immune system.* During clean up, use Wild Orange in a spray bottle with water to cleanse and purify counter tops, tables and other surfaces. Additionally, you can improve your home’s scent and purify the air by placing a few drops of Wild Orange on your air filter.

    A note on using Wild Orange: as a photosensitive oil, avoid using it on the skin if you will be going outside in the next 12 hours.

  20. Wintergreen: $22.00
    Wintergreen contains the same active chemical compound as Birch (an oil not currently for sale at doTERRA), which means that their uses are similar. For example, you can massage the oil into your hands, back, and legs for a soothing and warming sensation after exercise. The strong minty aroma of Wintergreen combats any odor; place a few drops of Wintergreen on a cotton ball and place in your gym bag to reduce the presence of negative odors.

Essential Oil Blends

doTERRA also has a few favorite blends for $20 or less:

  1. doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend: $21
  2. doTERRA Breathe® Respiratory Blend: $22
  3. Citrus Bliss® Invigorating Blend: $18
  4. PastTense® Tension Blend: $19.50
  5. Purify Cleansing Blend: $20
  6. TerraShield® Outdoor Blend: $10.50
  7. doTERRA Forgive® Renewing Blend: $20

Note: Cost reflects wholesale pricing; retail cost is higher. Prices also reflect cost at publication date and are in US dollars for the US market. These are current prices for 2019.



Clove is free this month when you place a 125PV order on LRP by the 15th of December 2019.

clove essential oil
Known for its ability to cleanse teeth and gums, Clove essential oil is also a stimulating and energizing oil that produces a warm, woody aroma.

Clove essential oil has been used for years in dental preparations, candy, and gum for its flavor and ability to cleanse the mouth. 

Its main chemical component, eugenol, makes it a very stimulating and energizing essential oil that can be used as a warming massage oil. Clove contains powerful antioxidant properties and supports cardiovascular health when taken internally.* As a cooking spice, Clove adds a spicy flavor to any dish or dessert while providing internal health benefits.* One drop can clean the teeth and gums while promoting fresh breath.


  • Add one drop to toothpaste to clean teeth and gums.
  • Place one drop in two ounces of water and gargle for a soothing effect.
  • Take in veggie capsules to support cardiovascular health.*


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Kid’s Oil Collection

Introduce your child to essential oils with the doTERRA Kid’s Collection. Pre-diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, these essential oil blends are gentle enough for children of all ages. Each of these kid-friendly blends is formulated with children in mind—their fragrance preferences, emotional needs, and most common health complaints. Color-coded labels and roll-on tops make application easy and fun. And while they are created with children in mind, don’t be surprised if you fall in love with a few of these blends yourself.

With adult help, your child can learn to safely apply these essential oil blends to their tummy, hands, head, and heart. As your children grow up using these oils, they can learn to identify their feelings and solve everyday complaints about lifelong success and happiness. The doTERRA Kid’s Collection includes six pre-diluted 10 mL roll-on blends designed to support the heart, body, and mind.

Calmer™ Restful Blend
 helps your child relax and promotes sleep. It creates restful feelings throughout the mind and body with essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Buddha Wood, and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Lavender and Roman Chamomile soothe anxious feelings that can interfere with falling to sleep.
  • Buddha Wood has a high concentration of complex sesquiterpenes that can be grounding, calming, and supportive of bedtime routines when experienced aromatically.
  • The aroma of Ylang Ylang blossoms promotes relaxation.

These oils in Calmer help quiet the mind before bedtime, support restful sleep, and encourage relaxation.

Thinker™ Focus Blend
 helps prevent mental distraction and reduce feelings of mental stress and fatigue. This kid-pleasing blend is comprised of Vetiver, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Clementine essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Vetiver root is a rich, woody oil that calms the mind and brings focus.
  • Peppermint and Clementine are energizing and encourage a positive outlook.
  • Research suggests that inhaling Rosemary essential oil may help people recall previously learned the material, making it an excellent companion for test day.

Together, these oils combine in Thinker help instill a sense of alertness and focus while doing homework, during tests, or anytime concentration is needed.

Brave™ Courage Blend
 helps manage stress and feelings of anxiousness. Counteract negative emotions of doubt, pessimism, and cynicism with Brave Courage Blend. This blend combines essential oils of Wild Orange, Osmanthus Flower, Cinnamon Bark, and Amyris Wood.

  • Wild Orange is an uplifting and energizing oil with a sweet, citrus aroma.
  • Amyris Wood is traditionally used to promote calm feelings and manage stress.
  • Osmanthus Flower is chemically similar to Rose. Native to Asia, it is emotionally supportive when experiencing overwhelmed or stressful feelings.
  • Cinnamon Bark is energizing and provides warming and soothing benefits to the skin when properly diluted.

Energizing and invigorating, Brave promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief in oneself.

Strong™ Protective Blend
 promotes a natural immune defense and is soothing to the emotions and the skin during times of distress. This blend combines Frankincense, Cedarwood, Rose, and Litsea essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Litsea is sometimes called “tropical verbena” due to its similar fragrance. It has a pleasant, fresh, lemony aroma. It has a high concentration of geranial and neral, which gives it calming and soothing benefits.
  • Frankincense has a warm, spicy aroma that promotes peaceful feelings. It is also soothing and rejuvenating to the skin.
  • Cedarwood has been used historically for its calming and relaxing aroma. Emerging scientific evidence is providing support for this use.
  • The osmanthus flower essential oil is chemically similar to Rose. It has a high concentration of ionones, making it ideal for emotional support when you are feeling overwhelmed.

These emotionally soothing oils combine in Strong to create a dynamic blend that strengthens the mind and body.

Rescuer™ Soothing Blend reduces feelings of tension in the neck and shoulders. This relaxing blend is comprised of essential oils of Lavender, Spearmint, Copaiba, and Tomar seed with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Lavender has been used to soothe head and neck tension since the days of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Its fresh, lightly floral aroma instills a sense of relaxation.
  • Spearmint is topically cooling to the skin, thanks to its menthol content, and is mentally refreshing.
  • Tomar seed essential oil is harvested from the fruit of a tree native to Nepal. It is used to encourage relaxation at the end of the day.
  • Copaiba helps calm anxious feelings when inhaled.

Together, these remarkable oils blend beautifully into a highly soothing blend that can help your child unwind and relax after a busy day.

Steady™ Grounding Blend 
helps balance mood and soothe upset feelings when emotions seem close to the surface. As a parent, you notice when your child seems to be extra sensitive. Sometimes, this means they need a long nap, an extra snuggle, or some one-on-one time. You can help your child feel more calm and balanced with Steady. This blend combines essential oils of Amyris Wood, Balsam Fir, Coriander, and Magnolia with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Amyris Wood (also known as West Indian Sandalwood) is traditionally used in meditation practices to promote calm feelings and manage stress. It has a gentle, woody aroma.
  • Balsam Fir has a Christmas tree aroma that is relaxing during times of busyness or upheaval.
  • Coriander seed is an herbal oil used in massage for its soothing effects.
  • Magnolia has a high linalool content. Research suggests that inhaled magnolia essential oil (due to its linalool content) may help to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Together, these oils combine in Steady to evoke calm and balanced feelings. Apply Steady on the bottom of the feet, to wrists, or to the back of the neck to promote feelings of calmness and steady the emotions.

of three.

A unique collection of essential oil blends formulated with little ones in mind.

doTERRA Kid’s Collection Uses and Benefits

The doTERRA Kid’s Collection is a kid-friendly introduction to essential oils. Here are some of the ways to use this collection to help your child.

  1. Apply Calmer™ Restful Blend to wrists before bedtime or naps to quiet the mind and soothe away worries. It is helpful for children of all ages. This blend can help older children take control of their own sleeping habits.
  2. When your child is feeling self-doubt, worry, or anxiety, reach for Brave™ Courage Blend. This energizing blend promotes confidence and belief in oneself. It can be helpful to keep on hand before a sports event, musical performance, test, or anytime children need a little encouragement to believe in themselves.
  3. If your child is getting distracted during homework time, pull out Thinker™ Focus Blend. Apply to the wrists of children who are easily distracted. This is also a great blend to use before tests.
  4. When your child is in need of a comforting touch, apply Strong™ Protective Blend during times of distress. It supports a natural immune defense and offers emotionally strengthening benefits. When your child isn’t feeling the best, leave a bottle of Stronger Protective Blend on their dresser or apply to the back of the neck for an added boost.
  5. After your child’s soccer game or after a busy day running around the neighborhood, apply Rescuer™ Soothing Blend to your child’s temples, neck, joints, or other targeted areas for all-around comfort. In addition to its topical benefits, Rescuer also promotes a relaxing and tension-free environment.
  6. When your child’s emotions seem close to the surface, you can support balanced feelings with Steady™ Grounding Blend. Before your child leaves for school, apply Steady on the bottom of the feet to promote feelings of calmness and tranquility throughout the day. Apply Steady to wrists or neck as needed during the day to steady the emotions.


Intended for use with parental supervision. Keep out of reach of children under the age

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®

The brand name Deep Blue® is synonymous with soothing support. The CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oil blend as well as the rub have provided comfort to many and are trusted among their users. It only makes sense that an ingestible supplement would complement the topical benefits of the Deep Blue product line.* Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex delivers polyphenol extracts of frankincense, turmeric, green tea, ginger, pomegranate, and grape seed, and is designed to provide soothing support to aching muscles and to other occasional discomforts.* Take as needed when discomfort presents itself, or take it every day for long-lasting benefits.


Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex provides a unique blend of extracts of Indian frankincense (Boswellia serrata), along with turmeric and ginger. Indian frankincense has long been used for its soothing properties, and its use in the traditional Ayurvedic practices of India is well established.*


This supplement delivers a unique and standardized Boswellia serrata extract (not an essential oil) that has been clinically studied to promote healthy mobility and function, and can provide soothing support throughout the entire body.*

Like frankincense, turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practice and is also part of the popular spice Indian curry. The science behind turmeric’s soothing role in overworked muscles and joints is now recognized by experts throughout the world.* Ginger root has also been used for centuries throughout Asia for health benefits and as a popular spice. Ginger was among the first spices brought to the New World and has long been recommended for its natural soothing benefits.*


Polyphenols are natural, powerful, water-soluble antioxidants and Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex delivers the unique polyphenol benefits from what are considered some of the most healthy beverages—green tea, red wine, and grape and pomegranate juice. Red wine (resveratrol) and green tea (catechins) have, for centuries, been recognized as central to the healthy Mediterranean and Asian diets, respectively. Today, they are the subject of the most exciting anti-aging and wellness research.* Resveratrol is believed to be a key component in the healthy Mediterranean diet and it is thought to be responsible for the “French Paradox,” where the French enjoy far better heart health than would be expected from a less than ideal diet and lifestyle.*

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex is designed to offer unparalleled natural relief. Furthermore, its formula enables you to enjoy all these exceptionally powerful, natural molecules without consuming any alcohol, caffeine, sugar, calories, or other potentially harmful stimulants.

60 veggie caps
Retail $80.00
This is the product that signed me up. There are two video’s to walk you thru.
When you sign up to start your first order, add the Lifelong Vitality Pack, 79.50 and then you can order up to 3 Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®, for $20 each. This is one of my favorite deals that doterra has for their advocates. click here to see all the great products.
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.15.08 AM



DoTERRA Life Long Vitality vitamins (LLV), new and improved! Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.05.27 AMI take DoTERRA Life Long Vitality vitamins (LLV)


The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable. Our lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited a genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some of these variables are beyond our complete control, breakthrough scientific research is revealing many ways we can influence—and even control—significant factors of aging and wellness. A long life full of vitality and healthy aging begins with providing your cells with essential nutrients and metabolic factors to help them perform optimally.

Customize your kit by choosing up to three of the following products at significant savings (LRP Only):

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.15.08 AM

  • Microplex VMz®
  • xEO Mega®
  • Mito2Max®
  • DigestZen TerraZyme®
  • Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®
  • PB Assist®+
  • Kid’s Kit

These vitamins can improve overall wellness and support a healthy respiratory and digestive system. They are great for skin, hair, nails, and bone health. They are good for the heart, liver, and detoxifying the body. These vitamins are GMO-free, gluten free, dairy free, and made with whole foods and essential oils! It is suggested to take 2 capsules of each vitamin twice daily. I also take DoTERRA’s PB Assist, which is a high-quality probiotic, daily! I am a firm believer in taking a probiotic supplement daily because probiotics are full of the good bacteria that your gut needs to be healthy. The gut is the brain of the immune system and if your gut isn’t properly functioning your overall health is comprised. The gut is made up of bacteria, 80% good and 20% bad. That balance can easily be thrown off because things like antibiotics, conventional products, and over the counter medications can kill that good bacteria. Taking a probiotic can restore that good bacteria in the gut. I take one probiotic every day.

I’m glad that you have taken the time to find what the best products for you are. I take these supplements every day I give them to my partner and my children. To learn more about signing up to get a path to improved health, click here

Beautiful Blend hydrating body Spray

Have you had the chance to try our Beautiful Touch essential oil blend? It was offered at Convention Gala 2017. Don’t worry if you haven’t—we’ve added our Beautiful blend to the new Hydrating Body Mist! This new product combines the nourishing properties of coconut, sunflower, avocado, and passion fruit.

We know you will fall in love with the aromatic benefits of Beautiful, and then keep using it for the overall improved appearance of healthy-looking and radiant skin.45790828_10156974721874314_3072756157748609024_o


Feel completely rehydrated all over your body! The aromatic benefits of our Beautiful Captivating essential oil blend combined with the nourishing properties of coconut, sunflower, avocado, and passion fruit. This hydrating mist, with the unique 360-degree technology sprayer, will help improve the overall appearance of healthy-looking and radiant skin.

Primary Benefits

  • Provides the uplifting and energizing aromatic benefits of CPTG® Beautiful Captivating essential oil blend
  • The oils of Sunflower, Avocado, and Passion Fruit help soothe, soften, and hydrate skin for an overall healthy glow
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (coconut derived), conditions and maintains the skin’s natural barrier


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Coco-Caprylate, Octyldodecanol, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Peel Oil, Helianthus annuus(Sunflower) Seed Oil, Passiflora edulis (Passion Fruit) Seed Oil, Osmanthus fragrans (Osmanthus) Flower Extract, Tocopherol, Citrus aurantium bergamia(Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Citric Acid

To purchase now or just learn more Click Here

What you need for a swim lesson, “Goggles”.

Goggles are must when it comes to building confidence in a swimming lesson. It creates an interesting underwater world, where everybody is a fish. As swim instructor students taking goggles on and off is a huge time suck. So I recommend practicing putting them on or on a “goggle break” on the way to the lesson.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.14.35 PM
Goggle break

A goggle break means the goggles rest on their forehead.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 12.13.32 PM
Goggles on around the house, not in water until used to the feeling of something on their face

Wearing the goggles around the house, water is optional. So before your lesson try on your goggles in fact put on your swim stuff before you come, have the sunscreen on before you get in the car. Play the little mermaid cd in the car or on your playlist for lessons. The key is to create the best learning environment we can to trigger positive feelings.

Watch movies about living underwater like Aquaman or my favorite the Little mermaid, Mowana, and many others. Underwater is a magical space, learning to swim is a journey, not a destination. I have many parents and grandparents that take lessons with me. role modeling a healthy swimming lifestyle is what I’m all about. I teach each of my students like their my children. Your family becomes my family, I have been teaching for so long in the area that I don’t have to advertise for missjeanswimming. I’m so blessed to have a supportive family that believes in me every day. I’m happy to share the love. It’s very difficult to be a new family, lots of pressure to do everything right. I enjoy holding crying babies, it means their alive, crying builds strength in their respiratory systems. Teaching a baby to float in their back requires practice and calmness and humor. One of my greatest strengths is my sense of humor. Kids are the funniest people on the planet. But they come with a huge alarm system, called crying or if you are really blessed screaming bloody murder, lol.

This Poet Swimming Laps — Digital Rabbit Hole

My Pool This Poet Swimming Laps The early sun peeks through the cloud bank“Thank God it might warm up the water”The light sparkles on the ripples that the jets shoot across the pool.They twist in sinewy sea serpent shapes, while my forearms cover themselves in bumps…“Oh My God….. it’s so cold”But I’m in the […]

This Poet Swimming Laps — Digital Rabbit Hole

Infant water adjustment class.

MissJeanswimming/infant classes are for 6 months to 12 months,

What is water adjustment? Has we know babies come from water, and then adjust to having air and gravity. The sooner infant’s have a chance to adjust back to weightless floating the better.We are working on back floating and rolling over, with this age group we are working on water adjustment and having fun in the water. The class is 20 minutes because that’s what a baby can handle as far as a stimulus. We are singing songs that kids are familiar with but with a swimming theme. Songs are “If you happy and you know it splashes your hands ” “motorboat, motorboat”, “The Wheels on the bus”, “twinkle twinkle little star”( back float ), “my bonnie lies over the ocean”( back float).”Fishes in the ocean “(jumping song). or” Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall”. (jumping song). “Clean up, Clean up”, (cleaning up song at the end of class.) when it comes to learning to more time in the water the better. coming to the pool and playing with your parent is most kids’ favorite thing. You can take one lesson a week but be in the water every day, practicing those skills learned in class. having fun by learning and playing is the key.

While there may be crying, the goal is to teach kids about their environment.

little swimmr with his face in the water smiling

As parents, we do everything we can to childproof our lives. You can put a gate around the pool. lock on the toilet seat, but if your child is determined to go in the water, they will get there.  Loving the water begins before birth, infants are surrounded by water hearing everything thru the water. So to me, it’s a reintroduction to water. The longer you wait, the more they forget. We all started as fish, I tell my students,” let your little fish out!” to be real infants aren’t going to swim, they will tadpole and learn to roll over. But most infants don’t have the strength to swim face down, for longer than a stroke or two.

To help with strength building we do a lot of crab walking and climbing out of the pool.

When you see new swimmers it’s a modified crawl(baby style), looks like climbing a ladder. that keeps the weight under the infant, like an ice cube, floating half under and half on top. When I  teach infants to go underwater, it’s with glides to parents, showing that a facedown position keeps water out of their noses. I encourage parents with kids that “don’t like their face to be wet”. To introduce the babies to the shower. where their face is wet but not under the water. Teaching them to wipe their own face instead of needing a towel. I used a bathtub seat with suction cups on the bottom and bath toys with my kids. They wanted to be in the shower with me anyway.

This is a list of things that help with swimming lessons.

  1. Another way I help infants float is to put them in wetsuits.
  2. Swim caps help so many things keeping hair out of their faces, keeping heads warm, and protects from the elements like sun and wind, there is a bonus of extra floating as well.
  3. I find introducing goggles at this age is easier than later on.
  4. Babies are full of air and fat so they will float naturally, but float requires your ears to be in the water which can be uncomfortable and the reason most kids cry. We will use the motorboat song to roll from front to back and roll again to front.
  5. When we work on jumps it’s really a sit /dive. where the kids learn to fall face-first into the water and then pop up and grab the wall. that’s the first skill we work on. Falling in and finding the wall. then crab-walking to the steps.
  6. A lot of parents are putting water shoes on their kids because the deck can get very hot, but the shoes also help with keeping their feet floating when they are vertical in the water.
  7. Of course, infants need to wear a swim diaper, NB pool requires a disposable swim diaper with a permanent swim diaper over it.
  8. Teaching your child to be safe is an ongoing task, whether it’s walking across the street looking both ways or taking the car out for the first time. They need to live and learn, and I’m here to guide you in keeping your kids safe around water.
  9. Join me at Northbridge recreation center in San Rafael for lessons for your family.

Miss Jean

9 things you need to know about starting lessons with MissJeanSwimming

  1. Welcome to the missjeanswimming family.
  2. It’s my mission in life “Get kids swimming asap”.
  3. Missjeanswimming’s works every day to match a great instructor with students.We do this with hiring instructors with years of knowledge teaching swimming.
  4. Insurance.  missjeanswimming LLC. provides insurance for everything that happens when the student is taking lessons on the instructor’s side. I will need the contact information of the pool owner, they will be responsible for providing a pool that has all the chemicals/PH within normal range.
  5. Waiver:
  6. As well as a pool temp that is 75-82 degrees if the kids under the age of 4. If the pool is unheated, my instructors do wetsuit lessons, but under 65 degree’s NO-LESSON, unless they are swimmers, big kids 100 pounds +.
  7. Instructor will check in 15 minutes before lessons to do chemical reads and check temp.
  8. Scheduling goes thru google invite, please accept or decline lessons monthly, that how you are billed.
  9. Billed thru Venmo:missjeanswimming, checks,missjeanswimming

Miss Jean

CEO of missjeanswimming,LLC.


My father’s biological parents story.

I have been o a mission to find my biological grand parents. For the last 5 years or so. DNA testing my whole family. With the help of expert we found his parents where Barbara Foss and Everett Uplinger. How did they meet I wondered, were they in love? After many email’s with Barbara’s nieces and nephew’s,I found she never married or had other kids. She had been thrown as a small child and had a brain injury. Her aunt Julia raised her after her mother passed away. Catherine Bofinger passed at 21 years old, 6 day’s after delivering her second child Betty Foss. Catherine was the youngest of 9 children.
San Francisco, 1917
Betty was adopted by the Harrow family and they moved to L.A. where she became a writer for day’s of our lives, and her daughter Susan Hayes became the star of the show marrying her leading man William Hayes.

She also never ha children of her own.
When I asked why Barbara had abandoned my father, like he had been told. Lois said that Barbara was sent to a home for unwed mother’s and she never saw the baby. they also said they didn’t know how she became pregnant, because she had a mind of a child and anyone would notice that after speaking with her. They never knew the father but suspected that she had been taken advantage of.Which isn’t what I wanted to hear or tell my father.

As I research more about Everett Uplinger, I found he worked at the Elks Club in Sacramento, as a instructor, he also competed in wrestling match’s in Reno. He was drafted and died aa a 1st LT in the US army.So he must have been very strong.He also never married or had any other kids. Now I’ trying to find pictures of him and learn more about his time in the military.